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Scott Kirk Law Offices

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Scott Kirk Law Offices is a law firm in Greenville, NC, run by Scott Kirk. Scott is a bankruptcy lawyer who has been serving North Carolinians for years. His mission is to give his clients hope and walk them through the complex world of bankruptcy.

Scott reached out to me. He was searching for someone to maintain his website. I inspected his previous website and made some suggestions. Thus began our partnership.

After talking to Scott for a few minutes, I heard his passion for helping others. I knew I wanted to work with him.

Before working with CWD, I was stressed about finding the right person to partner with to produce the product that I was searching for. I wanted something simple yet attractive.

Once I discovered Clarence, I knew I had the person that understood my vision for a website. He understood that concept and really made it happen.

The message on the website is resonating with clients.

I would highly recommend CWD. Before Clarence started any work with me, he wanted to learn about what my business is about. He wanted to understand who I help and the process of how I help them. With this knowledge, he created a narrative for a website that is easy for people to understand and attractive to them.

Scott Kirk
Scott Kirk Before


Scott Kirk After


Website Copy Creation

I worked very closely with Scott to write the copy for the website. The goal of the copy was to let potential clients know that he cares and is able to help.

Web Design & Development

Once we came up with the copy for the website, I started the design phase of the website. The goal of this redesign was more than a redesign. It is also to showcase who Scott is. We worked with a professional photographer who did a great job.

I created a staging environment and configured the server to host WordPress. After staging the website, I held two review sessions with Scott.

Once the design had been approved, the website was launched.

On Going Maintenance

After go-live, I continue to support Scott Kirk Law Offices. Scott chose to enroll in a monthly maintenance plan where I will now handle their WordPress updates, backups, maintenance, and more. I check in with Scott on a monthly basis to let him know I am here and to keep helping his business on my end.

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