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Off Road Realty

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Off Road Realty is a real estate agency in Greenville, NC, by Lisa Wilson. Lisa is a very talented and caring agent. She goes out of her way to give her clients the best possible experience. She takes excellent care of them whether they are a buyer, seller, or investor.

Lisa and I connected after I made a presentation at a Winterville Chamber of Commerce event. We connected, and I understood her pain points and her vision for her business.




Website Copy Creation

I worked very closely with Lisa and her team to write the copy for the website. The goal of the copy was to inform potential clients. Lisa is big on educating her clients, as reflected in her video short on social media.

Web Design & Development

Once we came up with the copy for the website, I started the design phase of the website. The goal of this redesign was more than a redesign. It also showcases the business as unique, fun, and customer focus. Lisa worked with a professional photographer who did a great job capturing the brand and highlighting that it is a woman-owned business.

I created a staging environment and configured the server to host WordPress. After staging the website, I held multiple review sessions with Lisa and her team.

Once the design had been approved, the website was launched.

On Going Maintenance

After go-live, I continue to support Off Road Realty. Lisa chose to enroll in a monthly maintenance plan where I will now handle their WordPress updates, backups, maintenance, and more.

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